Hewitt hydraulic lifts offer the push-button convenience and remote control operation of our standard cantilever hydraulic models, plus faster cycle times and higher capacities, which range from 4400 lbs to a massive 24,100 lbs. All lifts have corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum frames and include a locking, water-resistant chest for housing the hydraulic pump and control system. With optional bracing and leg kits, these lifts can be used in water up to 10’ deep. All sizes are available in 220V AC and 12V or 24V DC battery powered models. A wide range of optional equipment is also available, including solar cell battery chargers, lighting kits, pump box stand, canopies and more. Lift heights for all models is 77-1/2” with the exception of Models 4400 and 6100 which are available in 54” and 76” lift heights. Hewitt hydraulic lifts are engineered to raise their maximum rated loads through the full arc of travel without hesitation. Hydraulics are optimized to provide the fastest operating speed in the industry without increasing pressure and over-stressing the pump.

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